This seriously sounds like the plot of a best friends comedy – and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. Kyle Richards had her ring stolen when her home was burgled. Then she saw a photo on Diane Keaton’s Instagram. An unofficial investigation ensued. In other words, hijinks. Maybe this is how you reunite the Bridesmaids cast. (Dlisted) 


I never knew that I wanted to see Riz Ahmed play the drums shirtless for my birthday but it’s an excellent gift. Not just for my birthday but for all your birthdays and non-birthdays too. (Pajiba) 

Jenny Packham’s new collection – and this brand has been a go-to for Kate Middleton. There are indeed a few options for her here, if and when there are any gala nights over the next few months. I could totally see her in the polka dot dress, but then I’d worry she’d put her hair up in a really bad updo. The white dress with the tricked out cape is totally her jam. And for sure the floral embroidered gown. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Gwyneth Paltrow says that her daughter is way more into makeup than she ever was and also likes to go into her closet which… I mean who wouldn’t. Apparently G has been saving all of her red carpet looks for Apple. Probably her all-time best red carpet look is the white Tom Ford caped column dress she wore to the Oscars, right? But if we’re talking Tom Ford, I’d love to see Apple in the controversial sheer Alexander McQueen. You know the one. That dress reads differently now. (Cele|bitchy) 

Doesn’t have to be my birthday weekend for me to be all about a quiz that tells you how old you are based on your meal selection. This is the kind of quiz that immediately gets my clicks. So… breakfast options. And age. How old are you based on your first meal of the day? Apparently, LOLOLOLOLOL, I am between 5 and 10 years old. I think it’s because I chose “plain white bread”. I LOVE plain white bread. The cheaper the better. (Buzzfeed)