Rob Lowe’s son, John Owen, celebrated his birthday this weekend and Rob was there but also Chris Pratt. I’m not here to talk about their friendship; rather we are here to do a fashion-off, and it’s not much of a fight, really. Rob of course, no contest. I don’t even know what Chris is wearing. I don’t know what these jeans are but they are terrible. 


As for Rob? 

We talk about his ageless face all the time; he’s about to turn 60 next March and, well, why do people keep going on about Brad Pitt who is turning 60 in a month so they’ve basically the same age and Brad has NOTHING on Rob. But look at this fit!

Black tee over trousers tucked into Docs and a bomber jacket? I mean, I could maybe do without those chains but I’m not totally offended by them either – he looks good, actually not just good but hot, super f-cking hot. And it’s a bit of a sore spot for me right now because all I ever fight about with my husband, Jacek, who is not a dad, is about his loser dad style. 


I’ve said it before, Jacek is an attractive person, he has a great body. He has David Beckham’s body, pretty much the exact same shape, which is my preferred male body shape, but it’s wasted on his style… because he has the worst style. He refuses to have better style. He insists on only wearing the most out-of-date dumbass sh-t because he can’t accept that he cannot see fashion. Which, normally, whatever, he never leaves the house when we’re at home so I don’t give a sh-t. 

But on this trip to Asia, when he will be exposed to my people for a month, I couldn’t handle it. I was like, please, can we just get you two or three basics? One pair of pants that you can wear with two different tops and you can repeat these fits whenever I need to be seen with you by friends and relatives and other meetings we have set up? It was a strong resistance at first so then I had to get dirty – this is the only thing I want for my 50th birthday, whyyyyyy do you want to embarrass me?


So while I’m wistfully admiring Rob Lowe’s style here, I’m also at the same time appreciative of Chris Pratt. Because now I have something to show Jacek. He doesn’t wear his jeans like Chris Pratt, lol, but it’s the general energy of the look. I can point to Chris and say, you are more like Chris than Rob, is this really where you want to live? Who would say yes to that question?! The thing is, the man I am married to just might.