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We’re back! With a new name! The Sasha Answers podcast is now What’s Your Drama? We still get into the family sh-t and the boy sh-t and the girl sh-t though. And we still sh-t talk each other. We also talk about Netflix’s You and talk about whether or not we need to care about Joe/Penn Badgeley. Thanks for listening and keep sending your drama to [email protected]

I’m the kind of asshole who loves hearing about neighbour wars but does not want to have any wars break out in my own neighbourhood. Like back in December, did you hear about that neighbourhood where the people were pissed off that someone put up dragons on the lawn as Christmas decorations and the other people on the block were like, WTF do dragons have to do with Christmas? Anyway, here’s a celebrity douchebag neighbour war: Robbie Williams vs Jimmy Page. I really like how costumes are involved. (Dlisted) 

I haven’t watched Marie Kondo on Netflix but I know the whole world has by this point and it’s stressing some people out when it’s supposed to be like a lifestyle improvement. People are now wondering if it’s putting more pressure on them to attain perfection. And whether or not it’s shaming. And they’re also still upset about the throwing out books thing. So now Marie is clarifying that she doesn’t hate books and isn’t telling you to get rid of all of them. OMG the drama. (Cele|bitchy) 

This would have actually been a great sweater dress on Rita Ora. I love the length and the fit. I love the turtleneck, I like the ribbing. But that picture on the front is totally unnecessary. In fact it actually ruins the whole look. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This is actually very listenable. I think I’m going to play it in the car on the way home in a few minutes. Big points for creativity and passion and lip synching. This, to me, is way more enjoyable than Maroon 5. I said it. (Pajiba) 

Prince Philip, 97 years old, was in a car accident today. His car flipped over. The photos are pretty gnarly. The other driver was treated for minor cuts and her passenger hurt her arm. Philip though? He was driving. And we walked away with no injuries. That’s going to be a new royal family legend. (TMZ) 

Thanks to a reader called Stacy who sent over my favourite article of the day which is soccer related but it’s not actually about soccer, it’s about a female soccer coach WHO IS A F-CKING BADASS. (DeadSpin)


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