Tony, Bruce…and Stephen?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 27, 2017 16:29:25 June 27, 2017 16:29:25

I may have mentioned before how many times I’ve seen the first Avengers movie – a LOT. Three or four times in the theatre, at least 10 times on planes, maybe more. And many, many more times on television. At least 15 times on television. Every time it’s on TV I can’t change the channel. Which means that I have too many favourite parts in the movie to say “my favourite part of the movie is” so I’ll just say that one of my favourite parts in the movie is when RDJ as Tony Stark starts explaining all the science to everyone and nobody understands except Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and they look into each other’s eyes and tell chemistry between winks and become BFFs because everyone else is too stupid for Tony to respect. At the end of that movie they drive off into the sunset together and at the end of Iron Man 3, Tony’s boring Bruce with his life story and, well, basically this is the true love I’ve been waiting for.

So here they are, RDJ and Mark Ruffalo, in Atlanta yesterday, working on Avengers: Infinity War with Benedict Cumberbatch. IS THIS NOW A FRIENDSHIP LOVE TRIANGLE? Is Stephen Strange trying to take Bruce Banner’s place? I’m sure millions of people have already asked this question but why is his name Stephen? Captain America is Steve Rogers, right? Some nerd, probably Sarah, is going to write to me with an explanation and, fine, that explanation might work for you but to me, the Marvel naming strategy is still a mystery. Like they can imagine all these worlds with all these superheroes who have all these superpowers but their range of names is limited to 10.

Anyway, it’s Tony, Bruce, and Stephen and they’re all doctors and if this is kind of an Avengers breakout subclub with an IQ requirement where they sit around and test each other on equations, that’s pretty cute. Will they have time in this movie, with all the different characters and fight scenes, to show us some of that?


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