This is a beef I didn’t know about – did you know that Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks might have been slapping at each other because of some comments that Henry made about Tom and his experience working on Turner & Hooch? First of all, millennials, Turner & Hooch is a movie about Tom Hanks and a dog. Yes, a dog. And yes, the dog was the star of the film. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Evidently there may or may not have been a problem between Henry and Tom, although Henry is trying to downplay that now. (Dlisted) 

Robert Downey Jr’s aesthetic is Sneakhead/Playboy – and it’s been that way for a while, we just haven’t identified it. Do you think he’s a nerd about sneaker drops? Is RDJ the secret sneaker collector who doesn’t publicise that he collects sneakers? I can see that about him. One day, five or so years from now, we’ll be invited into his sneaker closet. And sneaker Twitter will blow up. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Kelly Ripa is talking about how she gave up wine in 2017, ever since Ryan Seacrest joined Live! I am currently doing “dry” January. And by “dry”, I mean that I’m not drinking at home – which probably doesn’t count. But… I do feel better. Like less bloated. That said, it’s Lunar Near Year and there are some big dinners coming up. And I’m not going “dry” for that, since none of the dinners are at home. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Joker honest trailer is… yeah… that’s it. That’s exactly it. I did not care for Joker. Obviously I’m in the minority since everyone is jizzing over it and it’s now an Oscar nominee. So is Promising Young Woman getting the same consideration next year? (OMG Blog) 

To promote his single, “Yummy”, Justin Bieber is running a food truck. Would you get food out of a food truck served by Justin Bieber? How long would you wait in line? (TMZ)