Before we get to the romantic gossip, movie gossip first. We’re just two weeks away from one of the biggest days on the fanboy calendar: DC FanDome is happening on October 16, and it is expected that Matt Reeves’s The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson in his Caped Crusader debut, will be a big part of the event. 


We are now less than six months away from the release of The Batman so we should be seeing more and more footage. I can’t imagine Warner Bros wouldn’t use its other big properties that are coming out ahead of The Batman to build momentum for it – the new Matrix movie, which will premiere in December, comes to mind. Batman promotion during the holiday season will lead to more promotion in the early part of 2022. Like for sure there will be a Batman presence in some way during the Super Bowl broadcast, right? And through award season? The Oscars in 2022 are happening later – on March 27. The Batman would have already been in theatres by then for three weeks. Robert showing up to present at the Oscars could be a victory lap. 


Speaking of the Oscars, the opening of the Academy Museum has been one of the big Hollywood stories this week starting with the gala last weekend and on Wednesday, RP co-chaired another party alongside Oscar winner H.E.R. Let’s say that again, since it sounds so good: Oscar winner H.E.R. When you win an Oscar, this how you’re introduced. Like forever.  

But now to the romance gossip…  

Suki Waterhouse was also at the event and while she didn’t pose on the carpet, according to E! News, she and RP toured the museum together, hand in hand. They were also seen leaving together at the end of the night. Those photos are attached, after the formal pictures of RP from the party. It’s been six months since RP and Suki last updated us on their status. I appreciate that it’s now like an equinox.