Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, John Turturro, and Colin Farrell were seen in Liverpool on the set of The Batman this weekend. It appears to be a funeral scene. Colin Farrell is unrecognisable as Oswald Copplepot, aka The Penguin. I am so here for Zoe’s Catwoman look too. Black leather is always Catwoman’s material but the leather-bowed fascinator is the perfect flourish – the costume designer on this movie must be having such a good time dressing Zoe for the character. 


But since the movie is called The Batman, much of the focus is on Robert as Bruce Wayne, our first high quality shots of him in daylight. Which I appreciate because these movies are so f-cking dark, as in low light, and I can never see sh-t, so when we do get some imagery of them where it’s bright, we have to enjoy it while we can. Because these are limited opportunities. 

Previous Bruce Waynes have always been dashing playboys, part of the attempt to conceal his superhero identity. Robert’s Batman doesn’t even bother to do his hair. But maybe it’s not because he’s not vain, it’s that his Bruce Wayne vanity is rooted in a different style inspiration? 

As Sarah noted in her post about The Batman trailer released in August, not only is Bruce not bothering to conceal his other side, the tone of the movie, from the music to the vibe, is 90s grunge. This Bruce, then, wasn’t raised on big band cocktail parties from the Truman Capote era. This Bruce preferred parties under the bleachers, when everyone wore plaid and sneered at the jocks and cheerleaders and listened to Nirvana, which is what was played in that first teaser. 


Speaking of bands though, Robert Pattinson’s style inspo for Bruce Wayne isn’t Kurt Cobain and Nirvana but another band that broke around the same time in the early 90s: Radiohead. Specifically Jonny Greenwood. 

Robert Pattinson/Jonny Greenwood


Has nobody else mentioned this? I did a quick search on Twitter and came up with no hits so I’m claiming credit. Is there no crossover between Radiohead and comic book nerds? Is Robert Pattinson’s Batman the “Paranoid Android” of superheroes?

I mean, if there ever was a perfect soundtrack for 2020, it would be Radiohead’s OK Computer.