Robert Pattinson was also at the HFPA event that I just wrote about in the previous post. His new film, Good Time, comes out next week. It played really well at Cannes a couple of months ago and everyone is saying that this is the performance of his career. They played a clip from Good Time during his appearance on Kimmel. While I’ve seen a couple of trailers for the film here and there, this is the clip I can remember that made me go “huh” for the first time watching Robert Pattinson. I believe the accent. And I definitely believe the way he says, “Shame on you” at the end.

During the interview with Kimmel, Robert talks about what it was like to be on Howard Stern last week and there’s a bit about misbehaving in high school and, when Jimmy mentions that the last time he was on the show, he didn’t really have a fixed address, Rob reveals that he’s now “super-bougie” – evidently he cares about home design now and is even getting his curtains hemmed. I’ve never been a curtains person. I like blinds and shutters. Jacek is obsessed with our blinds. When we moved into our house, he insisted on getting the blinds that are adjustable horizontally from the bottom and the top. So, for example, you can let the sun in through the bay window by pulling the shades down from the top, instead of the bottom, so that you don’t compromise as much of your privacy.

Anyway, towards the end of the chat, there’s also a mention about filming a scene in Good Time that involved Rob having to jerk off a dog.

Jacek’s parents have a dog, “K”, that … should be jerked off now and again. He’s not neutered. I KNOW. Believe me, I KNOW. You are welcome to write a lecture and email it to me but I KNOW. My in-laws are old school Eastern Euros. They’ve never neutered any of their dogs. And we were on them forever about this and just as they were finally coming around, “K” got sick and developed some kind of blood infection which resulted in it being too risky for them to do the surgery. Anyway, because “K” is still intact (and he is kept on leash always), he needs to be… released… from time to time. The breeder showed them how to do it. Which is pretty much how you think it’s done. Which they have decided to not do themselves. These are the definitely the kind of services you can outsource. So the story that Rob told, about the trainer and the owner of the dog and their response to what was being called for in the scene… yes, this happens.