Suki Waterhouse performed at Lollapalooza in Argentina this weekend. Robert Pattinson was there with her - here they are out for dinner the other night. So they’ve checked off the update. Still together after almost five years. It’ll be five years, or so we know, this summer. I read recently an article that described their relationship as “on and off”, but I don’t remember there been an “off”. These two were together during the pandemic, while he was waiting to finish filming The Batman. If they made it through that, their situation is probably pretty solid. 


Anyway, according to the paps, while Rob and Suki were at dinner, they were approached by fans asking for photos, and they declined. Which is their right. Does that make them dicks?

Some might consider this offside. And celebrities are on their offside shit all the time. But…like…I’ve seen this happen. And it’s awkward at best. They’re cutting into their salad or chewing a mouthful of salad and someone comes up all…sorry to bother you, even though lol I don’t think they’re sorry. All I’m saying is that it’s not an interaction that is set up for the most warmth, you know?

If I saw Rihanna at dinner one night would I want to interrupt her for a photo? F-ck yes. It’s Rihanna. I can’t deny that I’d have that desire. But I’d suppress it. Because it’s never subtle. People see. Now a heatscore becomes even more of a heatscore. And you’re the person who came between Rihanna and her gnocchi.