Tiger in heat

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 6, 2018 21:14:14 February 6, 2018 21:14:14

When I first saw these photos of Robert Pattinson yesterday, working out on the beach, I was just going to write about him being outside and exercising. I can’t do it. I cannot be hot. We’ve already talked about how I’m a fainter and the only thing I can manage in the heat is lying down, with a book. This year though, since it’s a Fire year in Chinese astrology, working out outside, well, it’s not recommended. Especially not when it’s blazing sun. And especially not for Tigers! Robert Pattinson is a Tiger! 

So that was what I was planning on discussing. But then I looked at the caption for these photos from the agency: 

Robert Pattinson flew into Antigua to spend a week of seclusion. Staying in the house at Half Moon Bay owned by Jazzie B. the famous band member of Soul to Soul, the home has a private recording studio. Robert was spotted outside the home during his personal fitness routine which was a very serious workout. Robert stayed within the compound with a beautiful view of Half Moon Bay for the entire time of his visit. 

Does that sound like a promo for Half Moon Bay? 

Because normally there really isn’t that kind of detail. Normally it’s, like, here’s Robert Pattinson in Antigua working out on the beach. Also, these shots are exclusive to one agency. And I’m not sure how often there’s a photographer parking herself at Half Moon Bay in Antigua hoping for someone to show up. So… was this tipped off? Intentionally? Did Robert Pattinson approve of it? 

Yesterday I wrote about Bradley Cooper at the Super Bowl being a luck-bringer to the Philadelphia Eagles, remember? Bradley Cooper is a Tiger, just like Robert Pattinson. Now here’s Robert Pattinson, bringing all the luck (attention, exposure) to Half Moon Bay in Antigua, whether he actually intended to or not. Maybe he doesn’t mind us seeing how fit he is these days. 


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