I’ve been running more lately than I have in the last two years. I hate running but not as much as I hate cycling. I run for mental and physical fitness. And now, one more reason: so that I can escape the imminent robot invasion. (Cele|bitchy) 


Kanye’s album, Donda, still isn’t out yet. Now he’s taking over Soldier Field in Chicago and recreating his childhood home for another listening party. And Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is ready but that release date hasn’t been announced. So, yes, these two are doing this, creating tension for anticipation, and a battle for the crown. But what I really want to happen is for Beyoncé’s Ruby Jubilee to make it so that nobody cares about anything but her. (Dlisted) 

If there’s a fashion award for consistency, Robin Roberts and her stylist should be nominated because everything is consistently good. The fit is good. The variety is good. The colours are good for her. And she always looks comfortable. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Well no one will be able to resist this, even Roy Kent wouldn’t be able to find it in himself to cuss over seeing a mom cat introduce her baby to her dog friend. And if he did curse, it would be from not being able to deny the sweetness in these 12 seconds. (Pajiba) 

YES. Emphatically. Give Regina Hall the credit she deserves! (The Cut)