Next week marks the 20th anniversary of the Britney-Madonna-Christina kiss at the MTV VMAs and several media outlets have published articles commemorating the anniversary. Rolling Stone, however, has the oral history from insiders who worked on the production. (Rolling Stone) 


We interviewed Sheryl Lee Ralph last week on The Social and ETALK and I am here to tell you that she is even more excellent in person than on screen or at award shows, and that’s already a pretty high bar that she’s set for herself. But her vibe, her enthusiasm, her power! And her SKIN! You would not believe how great her face is up close. Also she looks great in orange. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The name Billy McFarland might not mean anything to you but Fyre Festival I think you remember. And of course its subsequent documentaries. Am I imagining it or did someone almost have to give a blowjob to save the event…? It was a wild story and… we might get a sequel because apparently there is going to be a Fyre Festival 2 and some people have actually bought tickets. (Cele|bitchy) 


I’ve been talking lately about how sexless movies and television shows are but I should have clarified – I mean Hollywood movies and television shows. Because over in Spain, this is not an issue. (OMG Blog) 

As the Queen said, “You are the visuals, baby” referring to us, her Hive. She’s asking us to be the visuals for her birthday present for the final month of the Renaissance tour. What the Queen commands, the Queen shall get. Those stadiums will be all silver. Beyoncé’s house of chrome. So if you’re going, make sure you understand the assignment! Do not disappoint Her Beyjesty! (Vanity Fair)