Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan attended the Prada event at the Tate Modern in London. They’re both wearing Prada – British Vogue is calling this “rave”-wear, which yeah for sure, but it’s also funny because, well, raving in clothes this expensive… 


Look, I came of age when raving started. I’ve been to my share of raves – and they’re really fun…but I’ve never not come off a rave a f-cking mess. Everyone sweats in neon at a rave. The drinks are all over the place. It’s always been a mystery to me but there are all kinds of mystery liquids being sprayed or passed around at a rave. Not exactly the kind of place you want to be wearing designer clothes. 

Then again, it’s not like clothing budgets are Romeo and Mia’s concern. Romeo, I’m sure, needs no introduction. Mia, his girlfriend, if you’re not familiar from social media, is a model and an influencer. On social she goes by “Mimi Moocher”. They’re both English, they’re both 19, and they’ve been together for… two and a half years. Like since the early part of 2019. Which, by teen clock standards, is an eternity! Like since they were 16! 


Think about how much people change from 16 to 19. That’s a formative stretch – inside and outside. For example, my body from 16 to 19, it was like a completely different person emerged. I feel like even my face changed, with no interference, just genes and nature. But these two are still obviously still keeping that teen love going. 

As I have long said about Romeo’s big brother, Brooklyn, who is now engaged at 22 years old, given that their parents met and committed so young, I wonder if it might turn out to be a family tradition. Also Romeo and Mia could play Justin and Hailey Bieber in a biopic. Not that we need one.