Dear Gossips, 

Last week in The New Yorker, Ronan Farrow wrote about how Harvey Weinstein recruited investigation firms, using former military intelligence, to go undercover and gather information about his accusers. 

Yesterday Rose McGowan surrendered to police on a drug charge that happened in January when she lost her wallet on a flight. The fact that there was a warrant out for her arrest was conveniently reported a few weeks ago, just as the Harvey Weinstein allegations were starting to mount, and Rose was leading the criticism of Hollywood on social media. Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Last night, Ronan Farrow followed up with another New Yorker piece about Rose’s arrest complete with background information about the incident and her suspicions about how it all went down, strategically redirecting the headlines that popped up in the afternoon about Rose’s alleged drug charges back onto how vulnerable women become when they decide to speak out against their abusers. This was smart and it was deliberate. Because it was Rose who turned herself in. And it’s obvious, at least to me, that before she presented herself to the police, there was already a plan in place as to how to manage the story and ensure that her side would be represented. THAT is how she and Ronan are showing their work. But that lesson would have been learned after a lot of pain. Rose would only have known to do that, to have to play defence-offence, after years of disappointment in a system that consistently fails women. 

Click here to read Ronan Farrow’s latest article about Rose McGowan and the shady series of events that led to her surrender. 

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