Most of the takes on this story about Pete Davidson wanting his ma to get some D are about how he should stay out of her love life and not talk inappropriately about the woman who gave birth to him – which I appreciate but … I have some thoughts on mothers of sons. In my experience, they’re pretty intense. Pete’s obviously making a joke here about his ma being up in his business and that he hopes a boyfriend might change things for him. I can see his point? (Dlisted) 

Avatar held onto the crown for a long, long time. It’s official though – Avengers: Endgame has surpassed its box office. Which doesn’t take anything away from Avatar’s achievement in that, as Kayleigh Donaldson notes, it didn’t need all those movies before it to build up an appetite for a decade to earn the accomplishment. I’ve never seen Avatar. It never interested me, which is weird because I always have pop culture fomo and, as part of my job, I shouldn’t have knowledge gaps. Still… I don’t have to pay very often for my Avatar gaps. Like I don’t know that it’s part of our daily pop culture lexicon the way Avengers is. Agree or disagree? (Pajiba)

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix are reportedly engaged. Or maybe they’ve done what so many celebrities have been doing lately and they’re already married and the whole ceremony/reception thing will come later? It’s not on brand for these two to have their wedding in a castle but I’m here for that surprise – the couple you’d least expect to be over the top and extra with their wedding is the most over the top and extra of them all. How likely is this? Probably not, right? (Cele|bitchy) 

Of course this outfit looks amazing on Gigi. I actually love this leather jacket…shirt? The top and the shoulders look like a jacket. The rest of it is a shirt. I love it. I wouldn’t try it with biker shorts, socks, and slides – but I’m happy she did. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Ryan Adams has something to say and instead of saying it, he’s giving us a trailer that previews that he’ll have something to say. Breathless with anticipation. (Vanity Fair)