There’s a style rule that almost always works: if you’re showing a lot of leg, like a very short dress/skirt, don’t go with a lot of cleavage up top. And the same can work in reverse, although this is not often observed by Kardashians: if it’s going to be a lot of cleave, maybe some length would balance it out below. The key word is “balance”. 

Rosamund Pike may have just hit on the right balance for a sheer bottom. The sheer skirt thing has been around for a few years. I’ve never been into it. Maybe, though, it’s because there hasn’t been enough balance. This is the first sheer skirt outfit that I’ve truly loved. Like LOVED. Because up top, it’s total severity – a turtleneck, with no transparency whatsoever, and over top of it a cape and a wide formidable belt. It’s so dark, it’s so heavy… so the sheer skirt underneath? Balance. It works as balance. Excellent design principles in play here, non? 

My all-time favourite outfit on her.