By unanimous decision, Rosamund Pike is our Golden Globes best dressed. Wearing Dior, Rosamund looks like a wealthy widow attending the funeral of the husband she definitely murdered. The tea-length hem, the embellished net sleeves, the veil, it’s all perfection. It’s Audrey Hepburn by way of Morticia Addams. There were a few eccentric dressers at the Globes this year, but no one did it better than Rosamund. This is Lady Catto if she was in on Oliver’s schemes! 


Runner-up in the “best dressed, eccentric” category is Natasha Lyonne in Schiaparelli. I wish we had more camera time with her, because I wanted to see this dress in motion. It’s made of tiny paillettes, and I bet it shimmies when she walks. The bust is giving “you’ll put your eye out”, but Natasha Lyonne is one of the few people who can get away with such an art piece of a gown. Also, her hair is the exact perfect shade of copper red, and the gold claw manicure is great. Amazing styling for an amazing dress.


I don’t really like the inherent negativity of a worst dressed list, so let’s call this less-good eccentric styling, and that is Gillian Anderson in Gabriela Hearst. From the neck up, I’m into it, and I like the circle purse, but the dress itself is surprisingly bland for a gown embroidered with pussies. The plain top, the unfinished hem—a bad trend unless the entire gown is about the unfinished state—and the tone-on-tone embroidery that takes the edge off the implied statement of a vagina dress, it’s a miss. Sure, it’s on-brand for an actor who played a sex therapist on TV, but at a glance, it just looks like a plain wedding dress. The embroidery gets lost in the nothing color. Especially on a night when people actually did wear statement fashion, Gillian Anderson looks like she phoned it in, even in a pussy dress.