We talk often about great cutaways in awards show history, and yada yada Taylor Swift dancing, but one that often goes overlooked involves my favourite celebrity couple, Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne. When Bobby was accepting his Emmy for Boardwalk Empire in 2013, he gave an endearingly rambly list of thank yous, but the camera stayed focused on Rose in the audience. They had been dating for about a year at the time, and as he was running through his list, thanking his team and co-stars, we were locked in on Rose’s adoring reaction shot which also seemingly carried a little bit of fear that she’d be Chad Lowe’d. Needless to say, when Bobby closed off the speech with “To the love of my life, Rose,” the show cuts back to her, and she’s beaming. It’s an adorable moment that you can rewatch here, and it’s at that precise point that I started to stan these two together.

Rose and Bobby have since worked together five times, and with two more professional collaborations to come, they’re profiled in an intimate spread in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. In fact, the piece starts off by listing all of the famous couple portmanteaus (Kimye, Brange, Bennifer, et al [sidenote: JLo has had two portmanteau relationships: Bennifer and J-Rod. Branding, or coincidence?]), and how this pair is worthy of their own nickname, but that they do not do too much press together. They’re so much “like us” and are relatable AF, but like their space too. In the piece, Glenn Close refers to them “universally beloved.” For every red carpet they’ve walked as a team, whether it’s for a project they’ve collaborated on or not, they still shy away from conducting interviews as a couple. Anyway, they’re finally talking together, because they’re about to take on a tempestuous Phantom Thread-esque spin on Medea in Brooklyn starting in January. That’s their home base. Speaking about the role, Rose says: 

“We’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never done anything like this in my whole life… That role is in the canon of the greatest roles for women ever written. And it’s historical, it’s mythological, it’s also current—working with my husband…. It’s exciting, challenging, terrifying. But that’s why I’m doing it, you know.”

So, yes, that’s a drop there. “My husband!” The publicist later clarifies that they are not “yet” legally married (!), but the writer Keziah Weir notes that Rose is wearing two rings on that finger. In other words, this could be a Jesse Plemons-Kirsten Dunst situation.

While these two are about to throw their love on stage at home in Brooklyn, the juicy interview was conducted in my hometown of Toronto. Rose was in the 6ix for a few months over the summer and into the fall shooting the new FX miniseries Mrs. America opposite Cate Blanchett. If you were in town this summer, seeing Cate became a bit of an urban myth: she would pop in and out of drag brunches, apparently. Still, the Rose and Bobby sightings were pretty minimal, or not as documented, and they were able to stay low-key in the “Brooklyn of Toronto”, the Trinity-Bellwoods area. Needless to say, this profile also doubles as a tour of Toronto hipster hotspots, and I have not been this professionally envious in years. Bobby plays weekly poker games with Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm? Bobby reportedly makes half as much as Rose does? 

According to Bobby, working together so often is also a “very pragmatic thing” because of their two young sons, and that “you don’t want to spend time apart.” The profile does not necessarily come off as super lovey-dovey, but I can’t help but swoon, especially when they root each other on. And encourage each other’s creative pursuits. Rose says Bobby is her “biggest champion.” Are you stanning yet? Maybe it’s time to give Adult Beginners another watch this weekend.