Two outfits in two days to talk about on Rose Byrne: 

The first is from last night at the premiere of Juliet, Naked – a floral print strapless dress with a wide leather belt. What do you think of this styling? I don’t mind it. I like the contrast here between the ultra femme softness of the gown and the hard, edge of the belt. I just wish it was a different belt? With the grommets on one side and the double strap across the front, it seems like an unnecessary amount of detail when you’re already making a statement with the belt in the first place. 

Today Rose stepped out in a collared alternating chevron print that gathers under the waist. I like it. I would have preferred for it not to be a V-neck and buttons instead but this is not a complaint. Notice though that in some of the photos, the print is “buzzing”? Tricky for TV. Looks like she was doing radio so it wasn’t a problem but on camera, certain prints buzz and it can be a distraction to the viewer so people are encouraged to avoid them. I’ve tried on so many dresses I love with a great print like this that end up getting rejected because of camera buzzing.