Rose Leslie and Kit Harington were at the premiere of The Time Traveller’s Wife last night and while I always enjoy seeing them together I do agree with the Fug Girls that her outfit is underwhelming. I say this because, as we have established by now, clothes are part of promotional work – and this series is going to need some promoting because the reviews so far have been…not so good. (Go Fug Yourself)


I would have declined an invitation to “Mayhem at Lake George”. Not because of the “mayhem” part but because of the “Lake George” part. I don’t do lakes. Going to a lake, where I’m from, means spending a lot of time outside and I don’t do outside in that way, like the “outdoor life” thing – it’s not my sh-t. So I’m not surprised this turned into a mess. That’s generally how I imagine lake parties. (Dlisted) 

I would like this Patti LuPone video to become a public service announcement because… OMG, mask-wearing and also over the nose! Listening to her lecture was like porn for me. (Cele|bitchy) 

Matt Damon is trending on Twitter. Not for any of his acting roles, not for being Ben Affleck’s best friend but because he’s now associated with crypto and anytime there’s any crypto f-ckery now… his name comes up. Not a great look. (Pajiba) 


The music industry is counting down to Kendrick Lamar’s album release. Mr Morale & The Big Steppers drops tomorrow and the album cover, shot by Renell Madrono, came out revealing that he and Whitney Alford now have two children. (La Times) 

Anna Wintour’s “go-to lunch” is… controversial? Because of a certain omission. How do you feel about this? (Grub Street)