If Girl Sh-t is the game we’re playing, this move is petty as f-ck and, therefore, an excellent entry into the Girl Sh-t catalogue. If only. If only the people we were talking about ranked higher on the celebrity rating system. Also, I mean if you’re going to do this, her boyfriend, this man, wears his hair like this normally, all spikey like that. Like the guy in the bar who fights if someone looks at his girlfriend wrong. (Dlisted) 

Coincidence or conspiracy? Rose McGowan has been a major force in calling out the culture of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood. And suddenly we’re hearing about a warrant for her arrest…for something that happened back in January. When they say there are sinister, powerful influences at play behind the scenes in Hollywood, believe them. Maybe that’s the true Illuminati. (Cele|bitchy)

Holy. Sh-t. LeBron James! I don’t want to look at this for very long but what I did see was pretty impressive. Like full commitment. I’d like to think that he and I sort of did Halloween as the same thing. Except, obviously, I had the added element of sh-t. (Pop Sugar) 

OMG f-ck yes. Music snobs. They are indeed the worst. Don’t we all have that friend, or acquaintance, who rolls her or his eyes whenever you start talking about whatever song happens to be on Top 40? (Does Top 40 even exist anymore?) The next comment is, inevitably, “music just isn’t the same these days, I listen to Bob Dylan/Tom Waits/Led Zeppelin/Janis Joplin/Fugazi?” Also, unfortunately, Radiohead. Unfortunately because I like Radiohead a lot. But anytime anyone ever wants to front like they’re music-superior, Radiohead always comes up. Having said that… you know what never comes up? Maroon 5. Wait, though. Is that being a music snob? (Pajiba) 

Maria wrote about Mark Wahlberg the other day. How he was embarrassed for making Boogie Nights… but Entourage? Like, not even the movie? Jeremy Piven was a big part of Entourage. Ariane Bellmar is now accusing Jeremy Piven of sexual harassment on the set of Entourage. Would you be surprised to hear that some sh-t was going down on the set of Entourage? (TMZ) 

This is a big deal for Hong Kong. My parents are from Hong Kong. I spent half my childhood there. And the fact that the Gay Games will be happening there is a major win for those in Hong Kong who have faced discrimination and continue to fight for equal rights. This makes me think of Leslie Cheung, my beloved. Who was openly gay at a time when it probably wasn’t all that safe to be – and was one of very few in his time to take on gay roles, at the height of his popularity, and represent the culture. (Mashable)