Rosie O’Donnell is still kind of mad about that time Ellen DeGeneres pretended not to know her. (DListed)


Sasha Colby made history as the first trans woman and Native Hawaiian to win Drag Race. (Popsugar)

Julia Fox said crab but make it fashion! (Go Fug Yourself)

I was going to mention that Archewell and Spotify have “parted ways”, ending the Duchess of Sussex’s Archetypes podcast—for now—but that’s one piece of a large cost-cutting program across Spotify, they’ve also cut ties with the Obamas, Brene Brown, and Jemele Hill probably won’t get her contract renewed when it ends this year, on top of laying off 200 people. You know the story, an entertainment company is tightening its belt and the big contracts are the first to go.

INSTEAD, I bring you news of Sox the cat! He is an orange boy who gets into stranger’s cars for little adventures! He loves kebab shops! Sox is the only orange chaos king we need. (Celebitchy)


Here’s a creepy but funny story about “garbology” and author Cormac McCarthy, who passed away earlier this week. People talk a lot about “the good old days” before the internet, and it’s usually bullsh-t because the good old days were never really that good, but this IS true. Pre-internet, you could have eccentric local “scandals” that no one really got worked up about and just made for fun local interest stories. The internet makes that impossible, as every eccentric local scandal has the potential to become a worldwide opinion conflagration, but this story of a woman trying to get Cormac McCarthy to care about a local library by picking through his trash is a perfect fossil of that pre-internet era. (Slate)