Queen Elizabeth met with new British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Tuesday. After that Buckingham Palace released a statement saying that doctors had advised her to rest and that they’d be rearranging her schedule. Today the palace followed up with another statement: 


This, for the British royals, is very strong language. To reveal that “doctors are concerned” is major. Because they typically underplay situations. For them to tell the public that her physicians “are concerned”, aka worried, well, it means there’s cause to worry. And indeed, Prince Charles and Camilla, and Prince William are on the move and heading to Balmoral now. 

The Queen is 96 years old in the year of her Platinum Jubilee, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. And there have been indications this year that she’s more frail than she’s ever been, as she’s kept a lower profile with mobility issues affecting certain public appearances and other health problems. 


Again, needless to say, if Buckingham Palace is putting this news out there, and confirming that the most senior members of the British royal family are rushing to be at the Queen’s side, understanding that people would 100% understand what that means…

I’ve heard now that major media outlets both in the UK and in the US have initiated preparations for coverage and that too may have been why Buckingham Palace made the statement – to give news agencies the heads up to get mobilised. This would be part of the protocol. It’s a serious situation, as serious as it’s ever been.