I don’t know much about Spain’s royal family. I’m sure you’ll fill in the gaps for me after this post. The reason I’m writing about the Spanish royal family is because they just gave us some serious Girl Sh-t. Like mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Girl Sh-t. Which is world class Girl Sh-t. I mean, there’s Girl Sh-t between friends. And Girl Sh-t between celebrities. And then there’s Girl Sh-t between a woman and her husband’s mother. You KNOW. I know you know. When you add royalty on top of that, as in TWO ACTUAL QUEENS, it’s f-cking nuclear. And it’s on video. 

Here are the players in this episode of Royal Girl Sh-t:

-Queen Sofia, the former Queen of Spain during the reign of her husband King Juan Carlos I
-Queen Letizia, the current Queen of Spain, wife of King Felipe VI
-Princess Leonor of Asturias, the future Queen of Spain, daughter of Letizia and Felipe, granddaughter of Sofia
-Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, married to Queen Sofia’s nephew 

Here’s what happened at church on Easter Sunday: 

This isn’t Video Assumption which is usually highly unreliable. This is Video Confirmation. There is no mistaking what went down there. There is some sh-t happening there. And there are some sh-t stirrers in this family because after this video went viral, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece jumped in on the situation on social media (are these people, like, the Kardashians of royals, or what?), posting this since-deleted message to Twitter

“What is the Spanish press saying? This is so awful. This makes me feel so angry! No grandmother deserves that type of treatment! Wow show’s shown her true colours.”

And then she followed that up with this … royally passive aggressive caption: 

I see you Princess Marie-Chantal. You’re one of us. 

Clearly Marie-Chantal is siding with her relative, Queen Sofia. Are you? It depends, I think, on your own personal experience. If you have only had positive interactions with your mother-in-law, or if you’re the mother of a son, you’re side-eyeing Letizia like she’s disrespecting the mother of her husband. If you’ve had not-so-great dealings with the mother of a son, if you’ve ever had the misfortune of going up against a meddling, judgmental, wily mother-in-law, well, perhaps you might have some compassion for Letizia. Whatever your position, can we all agree that these people are amazing? Is this what I’ve been missing all along? Do we need to deep-dive some more on the Spanish royal family?