At the Teen Vogue event last night - my Rumey rockin' her body in a hot black little number and, dare say, the best she's ever looked...depending how you look.

Admit certain angles she's actually cute. But then she turns a few degress know. It's big. Some would say it's horrifyingly big.

Not everyone can be Demi! And when you think about it, this is God's way of making it fair for us. Wouldn't it be worse if Demi's daughter eclipsed us too?

Anyway, life is good for Rumer these days. House Bunny was a modest success. And now a guest starring stint on CSI: NY. She's a working actor. It's the best she'll ever be.

No overreaching, ok?

Then there's little Tallulah. Not so little anymore. Tallulah is stepping out. Tallulah wants it too. Tallulah will kick Ali Lohan's 40 year old ass.

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