Everybody knows that there’s going to be a twist on All Stars, but I was still gagged by the end of last week’s episode. In my last article, I presented a few possibilities on what I thought the big twist was going to be. Somehow, all my theories were right: no one was eliminated, RuPaul made the decision, Latrice came back (along with friends), AND from the preview it looks like next week has some sort of group voting. *hold for applause* Either I’m really good or RuPaul needs to find some new ideas. (RuPaul, if you are reading this I am 100% available for that job.)

Thoughts from the episode:
1.    I hate Ru’s dress in this episode. It looks like she bumped into someone on the street, and accidentally took half of their clothes. Alternatively, it looks like when your highlighter runs out, and you have to switch to a different colour mid-sentence. 
2.    I am HERE for the Stacy Lane Matthews Show. Can she just host the show from now on henny?
3.    The best part of the episode was when Lady Bunny references Ms. Vanjie. 
4.    This meme incapacitated me for 20 mins because I was laughing so much:


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5.    And this Reddit post killed me:

6.    There’s an Instagram that makes cakes based on the queen’s dresses. You’re welcome. 

It is becoming increasingly apparent that whatever predictions or opinions people had coming into this season have been thrown out the window. It’s like playing Mario Kart where you’re in first, and suddenly there are 10 people in front of you. Although Manila seems to be on an unbeatable streak, it is still technically anyone’s game.

Here are my updated stats:

Manila Luzon:
I do not hide the fact that I am #TeamLuzon, but it looks like the judges seem to agree with me. She took no prisoners when closing that Rulogy, and her looks are always flawless. Manila has won or been in the top two for the past three challenges, and after three seasons I think she deserves the crown the most. However, by being so open about her elimination strategy, she has placed a target on her back, evidenced by this screenshot. She cannot make a single mistake, or she’s done. 

Trinity the Tuck:
Trinity the Tuck? More like Trinity You Suck. Or Trinity the Train Wreck. I get it, this challenge is tough. But that set was rough, and Trinity better thank her stars that Ru pulled that “no one is going home” sh-t. We’ve seen Trinity kill these sorts of challenges in the Snatch Game, so I think that this was just a bad day for her. She is a force to be reckoned with and this experience will only push her to work even harder. It’s just who she is. Side note: I’m real tired of the injectable/plastic joke. It’s not season 9 anymore girl; plastic surgery is not a personality. 

Monique Heart:
Speaking of tired jokes, I am so sick of brown cow stunning I want to punch a hole in a wall. I wrote Monique off long ago, and I was confident that she was next after Gia. I humbly admit that I was wrong. I thought she was amazing this week, 100% not deserving of being in the bottom, and that she is on a meteoric rise. Since season 10, she has polished her look and performance, and it is serving her well. She has been inconsistent, so I don’t know where she will be next week, but I think she has a real chance at this. 

Monet X Change:
I started on the Monet bandwagon, jumped off it, and now I’m back on. This week she killed it – she had the best set, the best look, and the best lip sync. Like Monique, Monet is unpredictable. When she’s on, SHE IS ON, but when she’s off, it’s hard to watch. What’s better: that or someone who has consistency, but is never amazing? I still love Monet. I don’t think she’s going to win, but she might cause some upsets along the way. 

Beautiful, delusional, dramatic Valentina. She really has no sense of self-criticism huh? Valentina is like being up close to a firework. It’s beautiful, but there’s a chance it might blow up in your face. I honestly have no idea if she’s going to win or be eliminated next week. 

Naomi Smalls:
I forgot about Naomi as I was writing this article, and that basically sums up her time on All Stars. I think Naomi is talented, and that most of the challenges have not catered to her strengths. 

WHERE IS THE DESIGN CHALLENGE RU?! However, she might be out of her league in this competition, and potentially the next one to go. Naomi is sweet, and beautiful, and I will be sad to see her go. Just look at this adorable moment between her and Manila!