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Dane Cook is 46-years-old and his girlfriend, Kelsi, is 19-years-old (are there any “Kelsi-with-an-I”s older than 25?) and he went on IG to talk about their age difference and he needn’t have used to many words. If I were him, I would have just pulled a Scarlett Johansson. “Tell them that they can be directed to Leonardo DiCaprio and Robin Thicke and, and, and, and, and.” Also…can you please identify yourself if you’re still a fan of Dane Cook? I have questions. (Dlisted)  

Ruth Negga looks amazing on the cover of Marie Claire. I LOVE THIS DRESS. Or top. Or whatever it is. I love anything that looks half cape, half armour. And I love almost everything that Ruth wears anyway. Strong shoulders. Keep it up with these strong shoulders, fashion designers. (Go Fug Yourself) 

If you’ve been reading this site a while, you know my feelings on Colin Jost. And while initially I was confused about why he and Scarlett Johansson are together, I think it’s making much more sense, not just to me but everyone else. Read this interview with him about hosting the Emmys. Think about what you know of Scarjo. Now imagine a conversation between the two of them. RIGHT? It works. Of course it works. (Cele|bitchy) 

I just took a quiz to tell me if I should be a model or an actor. Like I didn’t know the answer already, OF COURSE I’m an actor. How the f-ck could I ever be a model? After that I took a quiz to tell me if I’m dead inside, which seems fitting. Buzzfeed tells me I’m not dead inside, that I’m actually “alive” and “not totally jaded”. My dogs. My dogs are saving me. (Buzzfeed)  

Now these are the kind of email interviews I enjoy – the ones where the questions are specifically about a person’s work day, how they manage their time, down to what they eat for lunch, when they go to bed, when they answer their emails. Turns out I have a few things in common with Samantha Bee. I, too, pack my own lunch on most days. It’s almost an obsession for me. If I don’t pack my own lunch, I feel like the best my day will get is an 8/10. Also, my inbox is a mess, just like hers. (The Cut) 

I didn’t know this either – there’s something called a Container Store? God I want to go. God I probably shouldn’t go. Containers are my weakness. I specialise in really great containers. One of the reasons I pack a lunch to work every day is because I love my containers and want to use them. WHAT IS THIS PLACE AND IS IT HEAVEN? (Very Smart Brothas) 

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