Last year around this time, Ruth Negga was in LA, on the award circuit, working on that Oscar nomination. And she was nominated for her performance in Loving. She didn’t win the Oscar but she did win the red carpet that night. She pretty much won every red carpet of the season. I will miss her this year. So much. This is why she’s on the main page today and not LifeStyle. We just might not get a lot of Ruth in the next few months. 

Here’s Ruth last night in London at the Louis Vuitton event, giving us a lot of poses. Why not? That’s a sick jacket. And she is, as usual, stylish as f-ck. The most f-cking stylish. As for Louis Vuitton, remember, it was that metallic custom LV by Nicholas Ghesquiere at the Golden Globes that was one of her fashion high points of the year: 

I am still out of my mind over this dress. Every metallic dress should be compared to this one as a benchmark. 

Final note: Ruth was there last night with Dominic Cooper, if you were needing a status update on their relationship. Relationship solid.