It has been a minute since we’ve gotten a serve from Ruth Wilson and I have missed her! But now she’s back on the drip – this black velvet set with the white booties is SO good, and it’s the right choice to wear her hair pulled back with the gold earrings. Look at her expression. Ruth knows she’s bringing it. (Go Fug Yourself)


As we have said many times on this site, rom-coms can also be about friendship. And John Oliver and Jimmy Kimmel gave us a scene from their rom-com this week with John was on Jimmy’s show where they talked about falling in love through Strike Force Five. It’s adorable and it’s GREAT television. (Pajiba)

Jason Priestley has revealed what Brad Pitt used to smell like and I feel like we already knew this but it’s making headlines again. Maybe I’ve been around too long but for OG gossips, the Brad Pitt Smells Bad storyline has been a thing on the network and, like, can I just say, I know we’re all about equality etc etc and of course I advocate for it but there are some things that men do that women just don’t. We do not compete over who can go without a shower the longest! (Celebitchy)


Jacob Elordi was trending today and I can’t figure out if it was because of his BAFTA nomination or if it was because he may or may not be single. (The Cut)

There’s a new style trend. It’s called “mob wife winter” and the inspo is Sharon Stone in Casino and I strongly encourage it because I will always and forever have time for Ginger. (PopSugar)

Attached (by Jacek): Lori Harvey leaving Beverly Glen deli in LA today.  This has nothing to do with any of the links in this post, but I’m posting so I can attach photos as I please. You’re welcome.