Production on The Gray Man continued in LA yesterday as Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas were both seen, separately, on set. Ryan was masked, Ana was walking around with her face shield on and if what she’s wearing is part of her character’s costume, we might be getting some sense, with the combat boots, cargo pants, and flight jacket, of who she’s playing. The story is about a former CIA agent being pursued by another CIA agent, so it could be that Ana’s getting in on the action too. Which would not be new for her. 


The goal of The Gray Man is to create a new spy franchise based on the book series. If we’re talking about spy franchises, the first that comes to mind is probably Bond. And Ana has a part in Bond: No Time To Die, in the trailer she’s kicking a lot of ass… although it’s starting to feel like we’re never going to see the full movie given how many times it’s been rescheduled. Right now it’s expected in October. 

So far we’ve now seen two cast members from The Gray Man – I’m also including shots of Ryan earlier this week looking bloodied while shooting an escape scene and doing pushups in between shots – and it’s a pretty impressive cast. Of course the other big name we’re waiting on at this point is Chris Evans, Ryan’s main adversary in the film. This is the money shot, the moment that 100% will go viral, if they do actually give it up. If I were them I’d keep the Ryan+Chris moment on lock for as long as possible.