Ryan Gosling and Timothee Chalamet are both at the San Sebastian Film Festival promoting First Man and Beautiful Boy. Let’s start with Ryan. Because he’s serving us a selection of interesting looks. Ryan wore a red leather jacket when he arrived. Today, with Claire Foy at the photo call, it was a blue jacket with a yellow and black printed sweater. I like the clashing happening here. Tonight at the premiere he went with burnt orange/rust and another printed shirt – very 70s vintage vibe all of it. I like all of it. Ryan has a specific style personality. He’s been known to favour a non-black suit, try different colours. Green suits, brown suits, red suits. And when he does wear black, he’ll shake it up… with a ruffle. Remember when he wore a ruffle shirt to the Oscars? 


Speaking of the Oscars, First Man is widely expected to contend for Oscar. Across several categories including Best Actor for Ryan. Right now, he and Bradley Cooper seem to be locked in as presumed nominees. As I mentioned the other day in my post about Coop, several years ago they were Sexieset Man Alive-ing. Now they’re Oscar racing. And their movies come out a week apart. A Star is Born will be released a week Friday, on October 5. First Man comes out October 12.


So they’re both on the promotional circuit and, well, as we’ve seen, Coop is campaigning. Which is why he may have the jump on Ryan right now. Ryan, in the past, hasn’t necessarily been against campaigning. But I don’t know that we can say he’s as aggressive of a campaigner as others. I wish he had pushed harder two years ago, when he was last nominated for Best Actor in La La Land, against Casey Affleck. I want him to push hard this time – because if he were to put some gas on it, if he were to press just a little more than he has in the past, especially since he’s playing an American hero, and it’s a quiet, nuanced, interior performance, I feel like he could give it a really, really, really good run. Or at least give Coop a good run. 

As for Timothee, he and Ryan ran into each other when they were leaving Toronto after TIFF a couple of weeks ago. He’s in San Sebastian for Beautiful Boy. And he too may be returning to the Oscars. He has a shot at a Best Supporting Actor nomination. It’s not like he doesn’t know how to campaign. It was basically his life last year.