I’m pretty sure Ryan Gosling cracked up during every live sketch this weekend on Saturday Night Live. And I think Ryan Gosling breaking is one of the reasons why, more and more, people are loving Ryan Gosling on SNL. To watch him fall apart. He couldn’t even hold it together during the monologue. The reason I enjoy it is because I feel like Ryan Gosling doesn’t laugh much in his movies. You’re going to tell me that that’s patently untrue. And you’ll point out that he laughed in Crazy, Stupid, Love. And there were a few laughing scenes in The Nice Guys. But is that what you think of when you think of Ryan Gosling? Or is what comes to mind immediately an image of Ryan Gosling brooding? La La Land was a broody movie. How many times do you think he smiles in Blade Runner 2049?

My point is, over the last 10 years, Ryan Gosling isn’t associated much with “light” entertainment. Seeing him get silly on SNL then seems like a release. It’s fun to see him having fun. And it really did look like he was having a lot of fun with it. Helped by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant, to be sure, but he did also throw himself into his parts. Like, I’m obsessed with his performance in the Woke Jeans sketch. Here’s the link to that sketch for Canadian viewers and this is the one if you’re in the US. You know what Ryan did in that sketch? He was parodying Justin Timberlake’s parody in Dick In A Box. If I’m Justin Timberlake, I’m like, oh f-ck, RG did it even better than I did. Because RG’s the Mickey Mouse Club alumnus who actually has acting Oscar nominations.

Ryan showed up to the SNL after-party with Eva Mendes. Holding hands. The first shots of them together, holding hands, in a long time. So for those of you who doubted, they’re clearly still together. Even though they’re like unicorns and only let us know they’re together on one full moon of the year. Remember, where this couple is concerned, it really doesn’t matter if they’ve not been photographed together. Eva was pregnant with their first child when the tabloids reported that they were over because they hadn’t been photographed together. Being photographed together, for them, is not a status marker for their relationship.