Ryan Gosling’s season premiere

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 25, 2017 19:46:05 August 25, 2017 19:46:05

It was confirmed last night on SNL Weekend Update: Summer Edition that Ryan Gosling will host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Jay-Z on September 30th, a week before the release of the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049. Also starring the aforementioned Jared Leto but, really, as I wrote in that post, I have a hard time remembering that Jared Leto’s even in the movie. It’s Ryan and it’s Harrison Ford, directed by Denis Villeneuve, which, I think, explains the anticipation – because Denis Villeneuve is on a roll. There was a piece in The Ringer, after the release of Arrival, about the Denis Villeneuve worldview that I really liked, arguing that his work is getting better and better and that he should be considered in the same conversations as the Christopher Nolans and the David Finchers of the world. The trailers that they’ve released for Blade Runner 2049 have generated nothing but praise. This is why Jared Leto, the Third Best Joker, is only – at best – the fourth discussion point when Blade Runner 2049 comes up. There’s so much else to talk about. I have a light weekend planned. And I’ve never seen the original Blade Runner? Should I Netflix it tomorrow night?

Here’s Ryan out in LA yesterday. He was also seen spending time with his daughter while Eva Mendes was at a photo shoot. This will be his second time hosting SNL during The Big Short promotional tour. His most memorable sketch was when he couldn’t hold it together while Kate McKinnon was recalling how she was abducted by an alien. They’ll probably bring that one back then, right? And maybe some La La Land dancing and singing? Emma Stone’s Battle Of The Sexes comes out a week before Ryan’s appearance on SNL. Emma is an SNL favourite. So it’s a good possibility she turns up too?


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