Generally I’m afraid of low-cost airlines. The seats are small and my legs start cramping right away. Also I hear horror stories. Like the UK papers are full of reports about people getting super f-cking trashy on these flights. Sometimes they even f-ck on flights. And for some reason, those flights are always the same airline. Today though, I’m reconsidering my position. Because I would 100% get on a flight with a flight attendant who makes his way down the aisle inspired by Britney Spears, OMG. (Dlisted)

How do you feel about dip? I am all about a dip. I might like all dips. Dips just make everything better. There are some dips that are better than others but, by and large, most foods are enhanced by dip. Dip is the only way I can tolerate a raw carrot. And chicken. Now I’m thinking about my favourite dip of all time. It might be Seven Layer dip. Because it has EVERYTHING. I love beans, I love cheddar cheese, I love sour cream, I love guacamole, I love salsa, I love olives. BUT. One time someone tried giving me a Seven Layer Dip with lettuce. That is some f-cksh-t right there. Green onions > lettuce, OBVIOUSLY. Do not bother responding to this. I will not accept your argument. (Jezebel) 

I appreciate Ryan Reynolds. But I feel tired for him. Does it seem like he’s been promoting Deadpool 2 forever? Like on every continent? He’s still at it. Right now it’s Tokyo. Seems like he was just in South Korea two weeks ago, then back to the US, and now in Asia again. That’s a lot of mileage. Again, I appreciate him. Because this is what’s necessary – he is the face of the franchise. You can see, though, that he needs a nap. (Just Jared) 
This is the happiest I think we’ve ever seen Princess Charlene. She’s at the Monaco Grand Prix. And she’s chugging from a magnum. Which is… impressive. Have you ever held a magnum? It’s the size of an apartment building. I can barely hold one, let alone lift it up to my mouth and drink. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t think the dress is the problem here on Bryce Dallas Howard. For me, the dress, while not my favourite, is fine. Those shoes though, my God. They’re heinous. They’re so… harsh. Aren’t they harsh with this look? The look is softness and light. And those shoes are totally the wrong season. Also – what is with the hosiery problem we’ve been having lately? These are like Meghan Markle’s. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Did you watch the basketball game last night? Or, rather, did you watch The LeBron James Show last night? People can’t stop with the comparisons and/or the declarations. Is he better than X, or Y, is he the best there ever was? I’m not getting into that because it’s dangerous territory. But what you cannot deny is that the man is … UNREAL. And, yeah, I agree. He probably could get to the finals with any supporting cast. (The Ringer)