It took me 20 minutes to psych myself up to watch Ryan Reynolds on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. It took me that long because the Huffpo headline about Ryan’s appearance reads “Try Not To Puke Watching Ryan Reynolds Drink A Truly Disgusting Cocktail".

Ryan was promoting Deadpool 2 (still!?) and Aviation Gin. Ryan became a co-owner of the boutique gin company earlier this year. The gag on Fallon was that Ryan’s gin is so good it can be paired with anything including disgusting mixes like liquified Twinkies, horseradish, and blood. It’s unclear who or what’s blood. The game is called “Drinko,” like Plinko from The Price Is Right, and they drop discs down a board to land on a waiting ‘beverage.’ Are you gagging already? I barely hit play before I started gagging. 

Ryan starts off the clip by proclaiming that he has a weak stomach. I have an iron-clad stomach. When my dude isn’t around to cook for me, I exist on takeout and I’ll make one order of Thai food last for weeks. I’ll eat that sh-t long after you’re supposed to throw it out. What’s an expiry date? My point is that my stomach is not weak at all but the one thing it can’t handle is watching someone else vomit. As Bridesmaids taught us so well, puking is contagious. I’m also not a person who loves gross sh-t like Lainey so basically any excrement coming out of someone else’s body is off-limits for me. Did I want to watch Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon drink nasty cocktails until one of them inevitably hurls? NOPE, but I am a professional and I take my job very seriously.

The good news is that it’s Fallon who pukes and I generally like watching Jimmy Fallon squirm so there’s that. I almost lost my breakfast when Ryan CHOSE to add blood to his cocktail though. There are some things you can never unsee. Watch at own risk. 

Ryan Reynolds is a great late-night guest. He’s game for anything and you can tell that he’s focused on being entertaining and charming, at any cost. Even when I find him annoying, I can appreciate the commitment. Ryan also shared his out-of-office reply strategy on Fallon. 

Don’t get me started on out-of-office replies. Sure, a funny quip can work but an OOO should be two lines, MAX. Anything longer is a sign of a sociopath who cannot be trusted.