Ryan Reynolds is promoting Red Notice, out today on Netflix (my review is posting later today), and Will Ferrell is promoting The Shrink Next Door, dropping on Apple TV+ today, too. They did a jokey thing where they “swapped” late night appearances, with Will Ferrell appearing in place of Reynolds on Jimmy Kimmel Live:



And Reynolds appeared on The Tonight Show instead of Ferrell:



What’s interesting to me about this is the crowd reaction. The Kimmel audience was already energetic when Reynolds was announced and stayed the same when Ferrell stepped out. But the Fallon audience got noticeably louder when Reynolds came through instead of Will Ferrell. Does this mean Ryan Reynolds is now more popular than Will Ferrell? Ferrell is a beloved comedy icon, but he doesn’t exactly work for the attention, you know? He comes and goes as his projects need him. But Reynolds is a perpetual motion hype machine. If he’s not selling a movie, he’s selling gin, or cellular service, or Welsh football, or whatever else he’s got going on. And he’s good at the internet, which has endeared him to a younger fanbase, while Ferrell largely abstains from that world (despite being a co-founder of Funny or Die). It’s just interesting how things shift over time. 

Anyway, here’s Reynolds out and about in New York with Blake Lively. Speaking of things shifting over time, is anyone else low key surprised they’re still going strong? Not only has Ryan Reynolds become one of the most recognizable and popular movie stars in the world, he and Blake Lively are one of Hollywood’s most dependable couples. Honestly, never saw that coming.