New Year’s Eve Boy Sh-t! Ryan Seacrest and Andy Cohen were both broadcasting on NYE and Ryan says that he said hi to Andy but Andy didn’t say hi back. And his claims were made on television. So does that mean that Andy will respond on WWHL?! This would be a powerhouse cage-match. One is rich from Kardashian money and the other is rich from Bravo and Housewives money and both are petty AF. (Dlisted) 


I have silver boots but they’re not sparkly. I don’t think I have a pair of sparkly boots but if I were to get a pair I would get ones like Christie Brinkley’s because they’re a classic heel and toe and they’re wide all the way up instead of tight around the ankle. It’s a great shape. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This year’s AKC Best in Show is a Star. That’s her name, Star, and she’s a bulldog who, true queen that she is, is always ready for her moment. And has her own trophy room. I hope the lighting in there is up to her standards. (Cele|bitchy) 

Noah Yorke is the son of Thom Yorke, of Radiohead, and Dylan Gers’s father is Iron Maiden’s Janick Gers, and now they’re in a band together. I can hear Duana in my head right now nodding over their names – if they’re around the same age, early 20s, Noah and Dylan, that’s exactly the vintage. The band doesn’t yet have a name but they say they’ve been inspired by their dads’ music and while I don’t know much about Iron Maiden, this definitely has a Radiohead vibe. (OMG Blog) 

The exposed thong is back. Or was it ever gone? I don’t feel like it was ever not a thing. I feel like we’ve been seeing thongs for 20 years straight. (TeenVogue)