Lainey asked about the teen angst in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but there isn’t a lot of angst because Sabrina is in a happy, sickeningly cute relationship with Harvey Kinkle. Honestly, they’re so cute it’s gross. They do gross things like kiss and spin in circles. Really, it’s no wonder that pretty much every supernatural being who sees them together is like, “Well that’s got to stop.” Here are the most disgustingly cute moments of Harvey and Sabrina, enjoy it while it lasts.

Harvey gives Sabrina a necklace

They’re sixteen, they’re in love, the world is all date nights and pendant necklaces. This is a cute moment but also important because it reveals that Harvey has good taste in girlfriend jewelry. And it gives Sabrina a talisman to take with her as she fights the dark forces gathering around her, represented by the fact that this scene happens within the small bubble of light provided by a porch light. Harvey is like Sabrina’s porch light, the little bit of good burning in her world of night.


Dancing at the Halloween party

Sabrina’s sweet sixteen is also on Halloween which is ALSO a full blood moon eclipse. (Girl, if ever there was an omen that you are a witch.) Before she goes to her dark baptism in the deep dark woods, Sabrina has a little moment of happiness with Harvey, one of few such moments that doesn’t end in literal death and disaster. 


Harvey and Sabrina go apple picking

Apple picking for Christ’s sake! Is there anything more awful than young lovers frolicking through the orchard, rubbing their youth and happiness in everyone’s faces? Harvey and Sabrina are adorable, there’s no denying it, but it kind of serves them right that the whole thing ends with a voodoo golem trying to, like, eat Sabrina in a hay maze.


Spending the night in the truck

This is the last time Harvey and Sabrina are a united front. Following the mine disaster that kills his older brother, Tom, Harvey and Sabrina camp in the bed of Harvey’s truck, staying at the mine in case the search resumes. Sabrina is being a good girlfriend, supporting her partner in a difficult time, and not running off to commit murder and engage in black magic in an attempt to overthrow the very order of life and death. 


That time they killed Harvey’s brother

But of course Sabrina can’t resist the lure of magic’s (relatively) easy fix, and after her resurrection attempt fails, all that is left is to dispose of the walking skin husk shaped like Tom Kinkle. You know what they say—the couple that slays the undead figure of your beloved brother is definitely a couple that needs to take a nice long break. It’s no wonder this is the last moment Harvey and Sabrina embrace. After this, Harvey will lucky not to go full-witch hunter.