Sacha Baron Cohen says he will not make another Borat movie and that he’s done with the disguises because it’s just too dangerous. And it IS dangerous. So this is the best decision. But it’s also a reminder to people about the risks he’s taken in service of his performance, and the art. Like Leonardo DiCaprio was a little bit cold and had to fight a fake bear in The Revenant and Jared Leto, I dunno, does whatever the f-ck Jared Leto does, and that was praised all up and down all over the place for the STRUGGLE of it all but SBC went into deep white supremacist territory, you know? (Dlisted) 


As we get closer and closer to the Golden Globes, and since there won’t be a red carpet, the Fug Girls are revisiting Globes past. And this one is a classic. I will never ever forget it. Lara Flynn Boyle and the ballerina dress. Which… would it be as much of a conversation now as it was then? I’m not sure. But like I said, it’s a look that did it’s job. Because it’s become a classic. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Well on the one hand certain members of the British media are all like, fine go, Harry and Meghan, we don’t want you anymore! And on the other hand they’re like, omg how can we watch their interview with Oprah, and apparently the broadcasters are bidding for the rights because… people want to watch? Afterwards, though, the Daily Mail will have some slanted story about the ratings. (Cele|bitchy) 

Now this I’m definitely watching. The HBO documentary on Tina Turner! (OMG Blog) 

Wait…what? There are NINE Gamestop projects in the works in Hollywood? Is there really that much to say on it? Can’t they all like amalgamate or something? (The Ringer)