Hilaria Baldwin is defending her right to be Spanish again by saying she’s “culturally fluid”, and conflating her fight for her identity to an issue of acceptance and the idea that everyone is unique and should be embraced…which… is not it. And it’s not the same as people who are actually marginalised for not being of the dominant culture. If we’re talking about embracing who we are, it’s not by pretending we are what we are not. (Dlisted)


On that note, let’s instead celebrate Jessica Torres, a great follow on Instagram. All her looks are excellent and I love her with red hair. (PopSugar) 

Salma Hayek is in Paris for Haute Couture week and she’s wearing a caftan, which, I like the vibe, I just don’t particularly love this caftan and I think it’s because in my mind, a good caftan has a print. The one she’s wearing is printed but it’s a solid colour. I’m looking for all kinds of colours, clashing colours and prints. This is rather boring, non? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Pippa Middleton and her husband, James, were also at Wembley the other night to watch England advance to the Euro final. They did not sit with their brother-in-law, the future king of England, Prince William. For appearances, I suppose. Like Will is so principled that he won’t give a pass to his wife’s sister. Which, whatever. I would imagine most English people would have just been happy to be there. (Cele|bitchy) 

Um…WTF? Based on my date choices, my Avengers soul mate is… Steve Rogers? That’s a hard pass for me. I mean, I like Cap, but Tony Stark Iron Man is my superhero, how did this happen? What dark magic is happening with this quiz? (Buzzfeed)