Salma Hayek looks great in this gold suit. The fit of the suit is excellent. The pants are beautifully tailored. And the jacket too. My issue with it is the material. Or maybe it’s the colour. I just don’t love this shade of colour. It’s like a dull gold. Like the kind of gold that you see when you’re at an event and the dinner napkins are gold. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Princess Eugenie is talking about not being photogenic and there really are people out there who have … photogeneity? Is that a word people have made up before? Models are photogenic, obviously, but it happens with non-models too. I know people who aren’t models who can’t take a bad photo. And I know people who only take bad photos but who are so attractive in real life. I’m married to one of them. Jacek is really unphotogenic but in person, I mean at least in my opinion, he’s super f-cking hot. (Cele|bitchy)


I 100% agree with this article about Post Malone. A few years ago? No thanks. And then… something happened, maybe it when he appeared on that Elvis Presley tribute and was so earnest about his appreciation. Maybe it’s because I love the song “Circles” so much. But whatever it is, I have a lot of affection for Posty. I find him endearing. (Pajiba) 

There’s a new Taylor Swift conspiracy theory floating around, this time involving a movie starring Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa and my head can’t hold all these threads but there’s a sweater involved and also a cat. (UpRoxx) 

Jay-Z was interviewed by Gayle King for CBS Mornings and he basically confirms that Blue Ivy is the boss of the Carter home. Which proves, again, that no matter who you are, your kids don’t think you’re cool. Sometimes they actually find you contemptible. (Harper's Bazaar)