I have been obsessed with Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb for a long time so please don’t call this a bandwagon. It’s not a bandwagon when you’re in the corner, caring all by yourself. It’s especially hard to care about a couple that doesn’t live on the cover of magazines, that doesn’t make money for the paps. Last night at the Golden Globes, Sam and Leslie gave us more Sam and Leslie than we’ve ever had. And, well, that’s pretty much all this post is about. How much I love them. How much they love each other. How much she loves him. How much he loves her. How much of this will we get over the next two months at all the award shows? 

To be honest, I thought they would give it to Christopher Plummer. After all, Christopher Plummer stepped in like a month before All The Money In The World was to open in theatres and reshot Kevin Spacey’s part. As mentioned in the previous post though, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association clearly loved Three Billboards. And the Golden Globes don’t necessarily align with the Oscars. That doesn’t mean Sam doesn’t have some advantages at the Oscars. He’s popular among actors. He’s worked with almost everyone. Every year, someone gets the “it’s his/her time” campaign vibe. And I wonder if this year, that might be Sam Rockwell. It’s not just with actors either. I mean have you ever met anyone who can’t stand watching Sam Rockwell? Anyone who’s all like, nah, I can’t stand that guy? 

But to go back to what I wrote in the Frances McDormand post and the criticism of Three Billboards, and a lot of that criticism is about his character in particular, can you separate the performance from the story, can and should Sam Rockwell be celebrated for his work in a film that might be the Crash of 2017/18?