The only tiny downside of the amazing spate of shows that got to fight for acclaim last night is that when everything is this good, not only are the shows themselves not always acknowledged (I was almost able to spare you guys my regular ranting about The Americans), but when you have A+ performance on A+ performance, someone’s got to lose.

In this case it was Samira Wiley, the only one of the four ‘name’ actresses in The Handmaid’s Tale not to win an Emmy for her performance (Alexis Bledel won for her role last week at the Creative Arts awards). I cannot be mad at this, because Ann Dowd was spectacular (love this story of Ann Dowd and how she's always confused with Margo Martindale) and the point of the Emmys is not for everyone to go home with a matching set, obviously.

But I’ve been watching Orange Is The New Black again, and missing her, and hoping something like an Emmy win would be a sure thing to see more of her onscreen. So far, she’s the kind of actress whom everyone wants in their thing – You’re The Worst and Handmaid’s were both lucky to have her join their casts after her run on OINTB finished – but I don’t yet know what’s going to be her thing, and I’m anxious about it.

It’s not even about the work—I know she’s working—but like, why wasn’t she in any of the pre-taped sketches? Why isn’t she a more frequent guest on late-night shows – the kind who gets invited just to keep things fun? For that matter, why wasn’t the San Junipero spoof she and Danielle Brooks were in a spinoff of its own?

As for the dress, I like the idea more than the execution. Something about the way the cutout rises up to the collar should either be more flat or more pronounced. But, needless to say, it was a much more appealing take on Millennial Pink than what we saw on one of her costars.