In 2018, Sandra Bullock starred in one of Netflix’s big breakout movies, Bird Box. That film was a holiday season stand-out, and now she’s back on Netflix just in time for the holidays with The Unforgivable, an awkward title for this remake of the 2009 British mini-series, Unforgiven. Like Bird Box, The Unforgivable is on the suspense end of the genre spectrum, but it’s a crime thriller, not sci-fi. Bullock stars as Ruth, a woman trying to find her estranged sister after 20 years in prison for killing a cop (the trailer implies this was an act of self-defense?). This movie has a KILLER cast. Besides Bullock, it includes Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rob Morgan, and Jon Bernthal. This cast is so good, even if the movie is mediocre, it’s going to be a certain degree of watchable just thanks to all these great actors. This also looks like the kind of movie you can watch with your parents without controversy. We need that every holiday season, and Sandra Bullock and Netflix want to give it to us (again). 


Speaking of giving us things, earlier this year, Bullock shot a rom-com with Channing Tatum that is due out next year. Ever since he became single again, Lainey has been Gossip Genie’ing CTates with A-list actresses, including Jennifer Lopez. The Gossip Genie, though, in their infinite wisdom, brought us Bennifer II and CTates with Zoe Kravitz. The Gossip Genie is not here to give us what we want, it is here to give us what we need.