If I saw this red sequined jumpsuit on a hanger and you asked me to picture it on a celebrity, my first answer would not have been Sandra Bullock. It would probably have been Jennifer Lopez. And there, usually, isn’t all that much style crossover between the two. Now that I’ve seen it on Sandra Bullock though… yes please. And I wouldn’t call myself a sequined jumpsuit kind of person. But I do like how she’s wearing it. Specifically, to me at least, I think she’s shortened it. 

The jumpsuit is Temperley. It’s on sale right now – but not in Sandra’s colour – at Moda Operandi. As you can see, the pants look longer here the way they’ve styled it. Sandy’s taken them up a few inches to expose ankle. Better, non? I think so. Also I feel like they’ve customed her jumpsuit to fit looser around the hips instead of snug against the body. I prefer that too. That’s the kind of jumpsuit I avoid -  the kind that clings instead of falls. Sandy’s wearing a falling jumpsuit, my favourite kind of jumpsuit.