And not complaining. 


Here’s Sandra Oh in London in a great floral print suit over an orange blouse and oxfords. And that famous hair. It’s wet in London right now and that hair is still holding up. Not even London rain can compromise Sandra Oh’s texture and volume. 

So what’s Sandra promoting? 

Take your pick of three projects she has coming out in the next month. The fourth and final season of Killing Eve premieres next week. Then it’s Disney Pixar’s Turning Red on March 11 – directed by Oscar winner Domee Shi, about a Canadian girl going through puberty. Sandra voices the role of the mother. And it was just announced that the week after, on March 18, Sandra will star in a horror movie called Umma about a woman living on a farm with her daughter and sh-t goes sideways when her mother’s remains arrive from Korea. “Umma” means mother in Korean. 


Sandra is a producer on Umma along with Sam Raimi. Horror movies have performed reasonably well during the pandemic. I wonder if they’re hoping for some sleeper success. That said, I think Sandra’s involvement in the movie is more than just financial. Umma was written and directed by filmmaker Iris K Shim and this is her feature film debut. Her documentary feature, The House of Suh, was released in 2010 and well-received. Sandra, then, is lending her support to an emerging Asian American female creative – a cohort that’s already a minority in the industry but particularly so in the thriller genre. That’s seems to be Iris’s lane though. The House of Suh was a true crime piece. Her previous work has had horror/thriller elements. And now she has Sandra and Sam Raimi alongside her in the credits. Hopefully it will lead to more opportunity.