I came across an outlet that had Sandra Oh on their Worst Dressed List because it was “too much”. Um, in what f-cking world?!

Her golden peach Elie Saab dress to the Oscars proper was, quite simply, her best red carpet outfit Of All Time. And yes, I had the luxury of seeing it in person so maybe my appreciation of it is more enhanced than yours because I could see how she moved in it, how comfortable she was, so comfortable, so light, it looked like she was gliding down the red carpet. You can’t say an outfit is “too much” when the person wearing it seems like they’re floating. 

Not that I’m trying to say that this dress on Sandra was subtle or understated. Of course not. That dress is a heatscore, no question. She wants to be seen. She wants to be talked about – and that’s exactly why I’m calling it the best of the night, because it’s on someone who doesn’t typically go for the spectacle. Now and again though, when she’s feeling it, when it’s the Oscars, an event she doesn’t attend too often (in fact it’s been 15 years), Sandra wanted to go for it. She went big, she looked like a cloud, with those big silk tulle shoulders, the gown beaded through the body, a plunging neckline, and a bow around the waist. Give me all of it at once, at the same time – and STILL it didn’t overwhelm her. In fact, she f-cking carried it. The glow on her face as she was walking towards me said it all. This was a dress that came out of her dreams …

And then later, for Vanity Fair, she wore a dress that came out of her fantasy. 

I wish I could type out the sound I’m making right now. Like “ugh” but in a good way. So good I can’t hold anything in. This is the Black Swan to her heavenly angel – and if you think I’m making a BTS reference here, YOU WOULD BE 100% RIGHT. 

Why not? 

It’s dark and moody. Once again she’s embellishing her shoulders and opening up the chest. This time though, Sandra’s dress isn’t a glider down the carpet, but a stealth creeper, mischievous and maybe even cunning, as opposed to earnest and approachable. 

Maybe it wasn’t intentional that she was invoking the new hit song by the world’s biggest band but I do think she was celebrating that especially after last night she’s being seen as part of a larger whole, a dream and a fantasy she’s been waiting for for a long time.