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Our Annual Contest – you predict the award winners and I send you a prize (a designer bag) – is still happening either today or tomorrow so look out for it! 

The Academy yesterday announced its final round of presenters. Jane Fonda is on the list and if you include all of the presenters previously confirmed, she and Diane Keaton would be the two legends among them – so does that mean they’re presenting Best Picture? Or will there still be a surprise for the final award of the night? Imagine if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step out on that stage? As I’ve mentioned, I heard it was a possibility a couple of years ago but they couldn’t figure out the security and if that’s true, they’ve at least considered it. And if they considered it then, they’d consider it now, non? 

I’m excited to see Sandra Oh. She hasn’t been to the Oscars since 2005 when she was there repping Team Sideways. A couple of weeks later, she and Alexander Payne, who won the Best Screenplay award that year, announced their separation. A couple of weeks after that, the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy premiered. So what’s bringing Sandra back to the Oscars after 15 years? I’m thinking it’s Parasite. I’m thinking she’ll introduce the film as one of the Best Picture nominees. 

Here’s what she wore at the Oscars in 2005 – it’s Michael Kors: 


That strapless silhouette seemed to be the thing that year. Gwyneth Paltrow did it too, in Stella McCartney: 


And Penelope Cruz, in Oscar De La Renta:


And Beyoncé, in Versace, also her first time at the Oscars in 2005: 


Back to Sandra though and how she’s been spending her time – well, she was clearly in good company last night: 


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