We’re taking a break from the couples updates to spotlight a couple of a different kind. Sandra Oh and Awkwafina aren’t romantically involved but this might be the couple I’m most excited about today. Sandra and Awkwafina! Together in London!


It was announced last year that Sandra and Awkwafina, aka Nora Lum, would be co-starring as sisters in an upcoming comedy for Netflix. One of the sisters is an introvert, presumably Sandra, and the other is a mess, presumably Nora, who tries to repair their relationship by helping Sandra’s character fulfill a lifelong dream: be a game show contestant. Are they getting close to shooting? Or are they hanging out and getting to know each other before they start working? 

Whatever, the point is, Sandra + Nora are doing friend things in Notting Hill. And what cracks me up about this is that the photo agency is identifying Nora as Sandra’s “pal” here, clearly not recognising the value of these shots, which is why the Daily Mail, in running these pictures, didn’t mention that the story here isn’t Sandra’s outfit, which is great (that Gucci bomber and those boots!), but that Awkwafina has joined her in London. 


Now I don’t want to take it to a dark place but it has to be said… 

People aren’t used to seeing Asians as celebrities because in their minds there are so few of them, even a celebrity as well-known as Awkwafina. Which is why even though you can clearly see Nora’s face here, the fact that she’s next to Sandra, the white dominant conditioning set in. The other Asian can’t possibly be famous too, right? And yet here we are, two famous Asian women side-by-side out in a popular London neighbourhood, and only one of them is mentioned.