Sandy and Muick, the Queen’s surviving corgis, were brought out today at Windsor to watch their person come home to rest. Obviously Sandy and Muick don’t know exactly what’s going on….but they must know that their favourite human isn’t around anymore and now instead have to spend time with, um, Prince Andrew. Who they will recognise as the dude who came over all the time to apologise for all his f-ckups and maybe even ask for money. (Dlisted)  


Olivia Wilde was at the San Sebastian Film Festival this weekend and while I know her sparkly green dress was supposed to be the red carpet showstopper, the day dress does it for me. There’s a throwback vibe to it with the colours and the print but it’s also giving fall energy and… I think I might be ready for cozy season and lots of orange. Is this wrong? (Go Fug Yourself)  

You know I love a food fight – more specifically a food opinion fight. I’m not here to sh-t on raisins today because I don’t think this is controversial anymore. I’ve met a lot of people who hate raisins as much as I do. So let’s dump on cotton candy instead. Because I do NOT f-ck with cotton candy, it’s disgusting, and when I shared this as work recently people acted like I just said that French fries are gross. Fries are not gross. But cotton candy is definitely gross. (Pajiba)  


My obsession this weekend was – and it’s still my obsession right now – Do Revenge on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it… MAKE IT A PRIORITY TONIGHT. When Sarah Michelle Gellar came on I screamed. And she is f-cking PERFECT in the role. I’ll have more to say about Do Revenge later this week because I don’t feel like enough people have seen it so can you please see it? All you have to do is stay on your couch and click play. The spirit of Kathryn Merteuil is back! (Cele|bitchy)  

Now that the Queen’s funeral is over… it also means The Queue is over. The Queue became a character on The Crown this week, basically. This is a beautiful piece that honours the social media power of The Queue. (The Cut)